Red Bird Mission Gets a Boost from Harriman Church Youth


Not only did I treat my car to a much needed car wash today but, better yet, in the process I donated a few dollars to the Red Bird Mission, a faith-based outreach in which young people travel to Kentucky to assist poor people with getting the things that they need, such as building houses. Last year a Confirmation class from St. Anastasia’s Catholic Church in Harriman donated their time and energy to help in Appalachia; the young people I met today come from the local United Methodist Church.


Not only do the young people give generously of their time and physical resources — they also have to raise money to be able to make the trip, and that’s what today’s car wash was in aid of.  Pastor Wendy Paige explained to me that it costs $375 per young person just to travel to Kentucky, and they must raise the money themselves.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGiven the recent hard winter and the even more recent pollen storm that left local cars a muddy mess, what better fundraiser than a car wash?  They worked hard and they were thorough. And the donation they requested was free will — you gave what you wanted to give.

The group will be washing cars at the United OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMethodist Church in nearby Monroe next Saturday. If you’re in the area and need your car washed — or even if you just want to make a donation, as I noticed some people doing who didn’t need or have time for a car wash — please come on by!


St. Anastasia’s Church in Harriman Celebrates Memorial Day

All over the Hudson Valley, Memorial Weekend was filled with parades, religious services, wreathe-layings, and other celebrations honoring the brave soldiers who have served and given their lives in the U.S. Armed Forces. A long-standing tradition in Harriman, Orange County, has been an outdoor Mass on Memorial Day, along with honor guard, the reading of the names of those who have fallen, and the laying of a wreathe at the memorial in Harriman’s village square.

The weather this year, though very hot, allowed for the service to be held outdoors. All the key players were new: it was the first year for St. Anastasia’s pastor Fr. Michael Keane, music director Anthony Daino, and parish secretary Jean Marie Weinberg, whose awesome organizational skills brought everything and everyone together. Here are some photos from the event.

New patriots: The Daino twins wave their flags while Mom looks on.

Fr. Michael Keane gives Commuinion to a parishioner.

Fr. Eder Tamara, Fr. Michael Keane, and Deacon Brian O’Neill hold up the gifts.

The Knights of Columbus form a guard of honor.

Music director Anthony Daino leads the singing while Fr. Michael Keane and Deacon Brian O’Neill join in.

The names of the honored war dead from Harriman are read out.